How to research, analyze, and invest in a blockchain project?


How to research, analyze, and invest in a blockchain project?


How to research, analyze, and invest in a blockchain project?

Author: Dexnav

Terra (LUNA) recently skyrocketed, some people rejoice and others shoot their thighs.

If we take investment as a long-term need to face the subject, the goal is to achieve the ultimate financial freedom, rather than the short-term floating profit, then the short-term rise and fall of the market is the least important, and master the long-term inevitable winning rules and have a pair of eyes to find good projects is the most important thing.

Many people have asked the same question: How do you see the project?

We all know that investing will always require facing uncertainty, and the key to improving your win rate in the midst of uncertainty is learning to handle information effectively. We are all in the Internet era, where information is no longer a scarce commodity. But how to effectively distill key information in the chaos and complexity of information is the difference between professional investors and ordinary investors.

Some people see an article about a project and feel that the project is going to change the world, to the moon.

Even a certain WeChat group owner of a certain project, a few positive comments. They have to shuttle. Then dreamed of relying on this project villa by the sea, to achieve a small goal.

The ability to organize and interpret information is always scarce, to develop this ability, on the one hand, you need to master efficient methodologies, learn to categorize and integrate the complicated and diffuse information, this is what I will focus on below; on the other hand, you need to constantly improve your business understanding and insight, this requires us to constantly analyze more projects, do not be limited by their narrow vision, and gradually improve your business judgment. Gradually improve their business judgment.

The first step is the acquisition of information.

Investing is to some extent a physical job. Many people think that investment is a simple and easy thing, just like Jack Ma went to the toilet, 6 minutes to let Masayoshi Sun invested in Alibaba 30 million dollars. But in fact, professional investors how many days and nights to read an industry report, in order to find a data may have to toss most of the day; how many nights of solitary light, still sitting in front of the computer in a mass of messy information to sort out the key logic of investment, so investment which has what miracle? It is the accumulation of a lot of homework.

A good investment depends more on pre-investment market research than on post-investment mending.

I will look for project information from the following sources.

1, the official website, each corner of each word to read a few times

2, the official push, telegram, each push, telegram information are looking over the next

3, Google and other browsers search keywords to view relevant information

4、All kinds of consultation, media view related news reports

5、Domestic information: microblogging, WeChat, public number, etc.

The second step, the effective combination and analysis of known information, the

Holmes can always get the key to the true idea of the case from the clues at the scene, and use it as a basis to further dig out the true idea behind it. We need to know how to catch the key clues, establish the key logic, and find the inner essence and law. It is best to be able to summarize the essence of the project in one sentence. For example, Bitcoin is a counter to central banks' over-issuance of money. As long as central bank money printing does not stop, bitcoin will definitely continue to rise in the long run.

The ability to analyze the project is the ability to see through the surface skin and many other details of interference, and straight to the core of the essence. So what is the essence? We need to answer the following 5 questions.

  1. What kind of project is it?
  2. How big is its market space?
  3. Does it have a competitive advantage?
  4. What is the history and future posture of the project?
  5. What are the main risks?

Here I highly recommendResearch by Mint Venturesthat can serve as a framework for our analysis of the project.

How to research, analyze, and invest in a blockchain project?

Three questions that must be asked of every investment to establish a logical fulcrum.

1. What is the strategic rationale for investing in this project?

2. What is the tactical arrangement for investing in this program? Short-term performance fluctuations are a good opportunity to reduce the cost of holding a position.

3. What are the key elements that influence the success and failure of project development?

Third, continuous tracking of the project, and thus understand the project team's ability to execute and operate

No matter how good the track is and how good the market is hot, it cannot be separated from the execution of the project team. Investment ultimately involves investing in people. Not only do we need to compile and complete the known information, but then we need to keep tracking in order to see the overall pace of the project.

1、Check the official tweets of key projects every day

2, daily check the key items of the telegraph community emotional atmosphere

3、Regularly check the relevant news reports

4、Regularly search social media dynamics

Fourth, establish a tiered blockchain project pool

Class A cannot be understood and is simply abandoned.

Wide space for category B, but many problems, waiting to be seen.

Investment strategies are developed based on thorough research of Class C.

Fifthly, opening positions in batches according to the type of trading object.

Unlike many people allin at once, to build their margin of safety, with a relatively low price hedge against future uncertainty. A true professional investor will patiently wait for the most certain, risk-to-opportunity ratio of the best time to strike again, good at choosing the opportunity to fight, and then at the time of full win rate, and then dare to strike.

I am building my positions in batches, on pullbacks and on sideways batches.

The best times to buy and sell are, in a word, "usually less comfortable". The best time to sell is when the project is at its peak, when market feedback is most enthusiastic and sentiment is at its highest, while the best time to buy is often when the project is in the doldrums, when the outlook is unclear, when there is a sudden major blow, and when market sentiment is at its worst.

Use the object, timing two quadrants of good or bad degree to determine the strength. Both good large strength (40-60%), a good a general medium strength (20-40%), do not buy hand itching to buy and unsure, establish a test position (within 10%), the rest give up.

Sixth, learn to stop the profit and establish the idea of bitcoin propriety

Earned money did not reach their pockets and then spit back out is the most painful, so each project will do a stop-earnings strategy, once the psychological expectations are reached in batches of stop-earnings, converted to bitcoin, but never liquidate the position. As long as the big market is still there to stay profits to float.


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