16 ways to make money in the cryptocurrency world - Newbie recommendation


16 ways to make money in the cryptocurrency world - Newbie recommendation


16 ways to make money in the cryptocurrency world - Newbie recommendation

1 lie flat dead take Bears buy value coins, bulls sell

2 swing speculation 1 is to see the line, 2 is to use the good

3 airdrops 100 airdrops may be worth only one

4 ieo ifo and so on similar to this issue of Coinan, jerking off the hair tactics, is the chain of low annual interest borrowed bnb snapshot buy will fall, the profit is not enough for the principal, so there is no sense, gambling up and down is not jerking off ieo, called speculative coins

5 do c2c acceptor risk will freeze the card, the difference is a lot of sometimes do a single can earn a few hundred it.

6 snapping up before coinlist snapping up, for example, a group of people who got rich, many people 100 number 1000 number

7 Moving brick dex-cex spreads Many coins sometimes have spreads Need to be familiar with coin knowledge and use on the chain

8 wind mouth similar to axs this kind of heat market wind mouth, representing the market where the hot money is also the place of opportunity again

9 community with 500 people WeChat group or 1000 people can take orders to do promotion or ama and so on, need to find their own project side

10 mining, now many years actually can, such as mobox above the stable coin currently 26 years

11 grid quantization run oscillation is also the need for time cost to support, followed by a single-sided market is very miserable

12 on the coin tokens on line cb or coin security favorable, bet on the opening or have a moment to pull up, after the shorting and so on

13 Contracts Only one in ten thousand of the pride and joy can make money 99% of them are gambling dogs

14 Land Dog. Ditto, only scammers can make money, similar to the pyramid plate, mainly by shouting single Takeover

15 private equity, most private equity is to take over, a few are also good, the channel is rare

16 generation of investment generation of investment mostly by pumping, no relationship really can not, there are bad guys up not to send coins, down only to send, up their own private swallowing money back also filled with money plate marketing plate split plate mining plate, dividend plate, a variety of properties around.

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