Join if you can't beat it DEX community welcomes you

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Join if you can't beat it DEX community welcomes you


About me

Hello everyone, I am one of the volunteers of DEX community. Currently in charge of various community matters.

I may have a bit too many labels, self-publishing blogger/community leader/kol/digital enthusiast/freelancer, etc.

All along, in this matter of community building, I hope to find like-minded people to build together.

It is said that words with temperature can really move the heart, so I have always been whether it is science or tools teaching, basically live testing and documentary as well as sharing some ideas that I have recognized in my life.


Later and a friend about a small drink, she said to me so a paragraph, "the work would have taken up most of our lives, if the work is not happy, the whole atmosphere will not be good, let alone talk about working together". I was instantly enlightened, the very many conflicts at work are indeed unnecessary, passing the negative to each other, we are all trying to solve things, hoping that the platform where they are developed bigger and better, so that they can get a reward that belongs to them, in addition to a distinction. Out can give others to say, alas! I am from the DEX technical community, I am their co-builder, and I feel honored. Similarly, I'm an Ali P8, I'm a programmer for Coinan, etc.


When I used to do self-publishing, I gave myself the goal of starting with a daily shift and sticking to it. Even if the content posted is not satisfactory, I still have to force myself to make daily changes, and daily is the basis, because I want to do daily changes, I have to do research to learn new things.

The good thing is that we can always receive some encouragement one after another, the article is very good and so on the response, recruiting also began a large influx of talent to contact, I and the team began to feel that everything we do is worth it, through the collision of ideas will also be more open-minded.

Writing for 1-2 hours a day doesn't take too much time. In fact, most of the time is spent on thinking and researching data.


We are not a "company" in the traditional sense

The DEXNAV technical community has been established for a short time, but already has its own products.

The present and the future are seen as they go, with no clear goals or plans.

The only thing that is clear and certain is the way we work.

We do not have or need an office and do not require employees to sit in or even work full time.

We are completely self-driven, rarely meet, and even the content of our work is arranged by ourselves.

We are very Buddhist about size and growth, but care about health, value and freedom.

If you also recognize and enjoy this way of working, then you can continue reading below and choose to join us at.


We don'tRecruitment"Staff", looking for partners only

None of the current community members, including myself, are full-time. outside of the DEXNAV technical community, we all have our own other things going on.

In previous years when I sat in the company, I could do a week's work in one day, and then had to pretend for four days. Look around the overtime colleagues are still embarrassed to leave work. And under surveillance, I finish my job tasks, I can not yet take outside orders in the company. In fact, a lot of work content is common, as long as you are willing to move your little head to think. I've always wanted to be free and have a very strong autonomy drive.

I firmly believe that in an era of epidemic and digital development, I think telecommuting will definitely be the future. By eliminating the tedious commute, the high rent, we not only get our work done, we also get to travel while on the road, greatly increasing our sense of well-being.



If you are looking to add to what the community is already doing now and want to back the community to make a new or even your own product or service, and have the experience, resources, and overall ability to make decisions on your own and get down to business. Then you can agree on a scaled partnership program with the community to generate value and reap the benefits.

It should be noted that in the early days, the community and I will do our best to help you complete 0-1, form a team, and beyond; but ultimately, we want you to be the one who can stand in the foreground and stand alone. Reciprocally, you also deserve to be the one who reaps more.

Correspondingly, the distribution of income and benefits follows a very simple principle.

Who can take charge and who will take the initiative LEAD to do it.

Those who do well will naturally attract others to join in doing so.

At the end of the day, whoever contributes more will get more in the income distribution; nothing wrong with that.

In short, there are many possibilities for communities, but unless we wait for the right person, we prefer not to do it.

Either way, which position, we only require the following three points (seemingly simple, not many people can actually do it)

Ability to: stand alone

Attitude: Highly self-driven

Quality: Actions speak louder than words


BothWhat opportunitiesWhat is it?

As I said before, there is no need for you to sit here even full time, even the content of the work, are your own arrangements. I don't like to set up rules and regulations for others to assign tasks, this is more like a free platform, you can paint it how you want to paint it, I prefer partners who can undertake independent thinking on their own. Unlike general recruitment, we do not have specific positions, you need to find your own intersection with the community and come together to explore its sustainable way to win. This includes but is not limited to the following, feel free to chat.


New MediaWhat is it?

Currently have an official website, a telegraph community, developing tools that people can see and teaching and answering questions that people have.

Copywriting video type of content output; visualize our tools to explain to everyone, help you can learn to use the tools faster, if you can do it, welcome to chat!


Professional Services?

Generating electricity for love is not a permanent thing.

DEXNAV technical community currently has existing services - custom contracts, DAPP development, data monitoring, website building, custom NFT and other technologies. If you have a need you can contact TG at@Dexnav_Serv

If you also have the ability to develop some kind of service based on the community and make money from it, please feel free to chat.


Blockchain DevelopmentWhat is it?

DEXNAV technical community has a lot of products that need to be developed, such as scientists, clips, pending order trading system, contract custom development, tool custom development and so on, the list is not short but not quite enough manpower, are scheduled for development. Front-end and back-end are needed.


Blockchain Investment AnalystWhat is it?

What I hear most is that the big brother take me and beg a golden dog. If a person is tired of looking for a project, why don't we all come together to find a project to share? Professional investment research is very necessary.

Job duties.

  1. In-depth research in blockchain field, digging early stage investment targets and negotiating with overseas institutions/projects for cooperation.
  2. Regularly output blockchain project research and analysis reports, with a certain grasp and cognitive ability of hot spots.
  3. Familiar with overseas social media platforms such as Telegram, Twitter, Medium, Linkedin, etc.
  4. Participate in post-investment management of blockchain projects, collaborate on project exit and improve return on investment

Job Qualifications.

  1. Research in cryptography, consensus algorithms, economic models in blockchain, finance.
  2. Understand the characteristics of mainstream blockchain projects and have knowledge of mainstream public chain projects.
  3. Ability to gather information quickly and to analyze and summarize.
  4. Industry experience is preferred; if you're up to the task, feel free to chat!


Various possibilities?

Remote Internship? Outsourcing company? Independent project incubator? Developer around? Even community cryptocurrency and DAO? If you have the ability to land on your own, come chat.


Growth Operations? Team Management?

If you have a good idea about the present and future of the DEXNAV technical community, and are willing and able to lead the team, including me, to take the DEXNAV technical community to the next level. Then you are very welcome to become the CEO of DEXNAV technical community.


Salary and Treatment

Corresponding to the above, as long as you can to find the intersection of yourself and the community and generate value, then naturally, you can and the community to agree on your entitlements, successfully join the community to participate in building, you will get.

  1. Meet more quality people and circles
  2. Learn more concise and dry knowledge
  3. After information sharing, more good projects can be screened and investments can be made.
  4. Opportunity to be whitelisted for primary market projects
  5. Opportunity to be a part of community management
  6. Incubate quality projects and get internal quota
  7. Remote Flexible Office

And a chance to get: top member community access + top courtesy scientist package (scientist grab coins, sandwich clips)



How to apply for membership

Having said that, if you read this and feel that you are the type of person we are looking for again, then feel free to write in and apply for membership at

[email protected]

In order to improve the effectiveness of communication, it is necessary for you to introduce yourself.

title:Apply to join + I am xxxx

Content includes but is not limited to.

Your details (preferably with resume)

Why do you want to join us?

What do you want to do after you join? How do I earn money?

How do you plan to do it? What do you need from the community?

Why you?

You can also contact my TG directly at












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