Dexnav | Winter Olympic ice pier pier NFT skyrocketed 1000 times

Dexnav | Winter Olympic ice pier pier NFT skyrocketed 1000 times

    Since the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics, the mascot "ice dun dun" burst fire out of the circle, social network related hot spots frequently, the country and even overseas around the hand-me-downs or physical are sold out, even if the authorized manufacturers work overtime is still in short supply, a "dun" hard to find.

    This phenomenal explosion also appeared in the field of digital online. The ice dun dun NFT (Non-Fungible Token) digital collection officially authorized by the International Olympic Committee has surged nearly a thousand times in the past two days, and is completely "top flow".

          Sales seconds empty second-hand transactions soared nearly 1,000 times

   According to public information, the IOC officially authorized ice pier pier digital blind box on February 12 at 1:00 am Beijing time, a total of 500, each $ 99, each person is limited to buy 5, the distribution platform for nWayPlay.

  According to the official website of nWayPlay, the image of the ice pier in the blind box will be shown as an athlete performing various winter sports, such as alpine skiing, steel frame snowmobile, snowboarding and so on. Meanwhile, the blind box also contains 2 versions of the official emblem of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and a poster.

Dexnav | Winter Olympic ice pier pier NFT skyrocketed 1000 times

Dexnav | Winter Olympic ice pier pier NFT skyrocketed 1000 times


  In addition, different NFT Olympic badges vary in rarity and are divided into four levels: common, rare, epic, and legendary. Each badge has a unique serial number and can be resold and exchanged in the nWayPlay trading market.

  For example, the Epic Box will contain 3 officially licensed digital pins: 1 Epic and 2 Rare, with 15 versions of the officially licensed mascot (ice dun) performing various winter sports such as skiing, bobsledding, snowboarding, etc., 5 versions of the official emblem of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and 1 version of the posters.

  According to the fund reporters query nWayPlay shows that all series of all blind boxes have long been sold out, the official website has been marked with the words "SOLD OUT".

Dexnav | Winter Olympic ice pier pier NFT skyrocketed 1000 times

Sold out

     The fund reporters browsing nWayPlay's official trading platform found more, this ice dun NFT in the market secondary transaction price has appeared to skyrocket, the original price of $ 99 has become history.

  The biggest increase is the Nordic combined Beijing 2022 (Nordic combined Beijing 2022) mascot ice pier pin series, there are currently 13 NFT in nWayPlay for sale, the lowest offer has reached $2000, the highest offer of $88888. Compared to the initial release price of $99, that's a jump of nearly 1,000 times!

Dexnav | Winter Olympic ice pier pier NFT skyrocketed 1000 times

The lowest offer has reached $2,000 and the highest offer $88,888.

       In addition, in addition to the Ice Dun Dun series collectibles, another snowboarding Beijing 2022 mascot pin is currently offered at a minimum of $1,500, the figure skating Beijing 2022 mascot pin is currently offered at a minimum of $1,299, and the Beijing 2022 Red Club emblem pin is offered at a minimum of $888, all of which have doubled from the issue price.

  And this is not the first because of the Winter Olympics and fire up the NFT. comprehensive a number of media reports, after the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics, offline can not grab the ice pier some young people, then put the eyes of the Winter Olympics snowflake NFT.

  On January 5, the Cultural Activities Department of the Beijing Winter Olympic Organizing Committee launched the Winter Olympic Snowflake project, and all users can get their own exclusive Winter Olympic Snowflake by entering their name + the last four digits of their cell phone tail number. Taking advantage of the Winter Olympics fever, on microblogs, netizens have taken pictures of their own exclusive Winter Olympics snowflakes.

Dexnav | Winter Olympic ice pier pier NFT skyrocketed 1000 times


    The first time I saw the snowflake, I was able to get the snowflake. The topics on # Winter Olympics Snowflake Collection Tutorial #, # My Winter Olympics Digital Snowflake # have millions of readings on Weibo, and the topics on Jitterbug # Digital Snowflake #, # Winter Olympics Exclusive Snowflake # have accumulated millions of plays.

  In addition, the information shows that during the Beijing Winter Olympics, in addition to the official authorization of the International Olympic Committee "ice dun dun" digital NFT blind box, February 5, Taobao also released a "AlibabaOlympic Cloud Badge Digital Collection". Previously, Yili's "Champions Shine 2022" digital collection was also launched onTencentPhantom cores on the shelves.

  "Blockchain + sports" widely used or become a new trend 

  NFT is a non-homogeneous token with unique, irreplaceable and indivisible characteristics, mainly built on the Ether blockchain. This "on-chain" boom has swept the world in recent years, especially in the fields of art and sports.

  The NFT has become popular among sports fans because it uses blockchain technology to record media ownership and generate unique digital identifiers, a feature that allows fans and enthusiasts of different sports to access and collect their favorite sports moments.

  Christian Ferri, CEO of NFT Pro, the NFT memorabilia site, has said, "People will get physical memorabilia through NFT, which will guarantee its authenticity and digital scarcity."

  With the combination of NFT and sports, capital is continuously injected and business opportunities are unlimited.

  According to the query, nWayPlay, which released the Ice Dungeon series NFT, is a decentralized trading platform built on the Flow chain and launched by blockchain game studio nway. And nWay's parent company is Animoca Brands, founded in 2014 and based in Hong Kong, is the developer of chain games such as the sandbox game The Sandbox and the F1 racing class F1 Delta Time.

  According to a Feb. 9 Bloomberg report, private equity giant KKR and several other investors are in talks to invest in Animoca Brands at a pre-investment valuation of more than $5 billion, which would increase Animoca Brands' latest round of nearly $359 million in financing to $500 million. And just this January, Animoca Brands had already closed a $358 million financing round led by Liberty City Ventures at a pre-investment valuation of $5 billion.

  And the most successful business case of NFT in the sports application field is NBA TopShot.

Dexnav | Winter Olympic ice pier pier NFT skyrocketed 1000 times

According to the latest data, NBA TopShot NFT transactions have exceeded 16 million and the total transaction volume has exceeded $900 million. NBA TopShot is also the largest NFT project on the Flow public chain and is currently ranked fifth in the NFT collectibles series in terms of transaction value and first in terms of transaction volume.

  According to Deloitte Global, sports NFT is expected to generate more than $2 billion in transactions in 2023, a figure that is approximately double that of 2021. In addition, Deloitte says that by the end of 2022, more than 80% of the millions of sports fans worldwide will have purchased or given away NFT sports collectibles.

  In addition, because NFT can effectively prevent tampering, forgery and other acts, NFT is also widely used in sports events tickets, sports collectibles and other aspects. Tickets for popular events are often hard to find, and have become the subject of "scalpers". But if you buy tickets directly through the Internet in the form of NFT, you can ensure the authenticity of the tickets, but also to reduce the cost of all aspects.

  On the other hand, NFT is a great way for sports players and teams to strengthen their relationships with their fans. Sports event directors and promoters are currently considering how best to use NFT to enhance the fan experience.

  For example, there are now fan token sites such as Socios.com and the cryptocurrency Chiliz ($CHZ) that offer fan participation tokens focused on sports and eSports categories. According to press inquiries, these fan tokens are similar to membership cards, and fans can purchase such tokens to participate in voting on sports club matters, including jersey designs, player of the month, which songs are played during games, training ground names and charity event choices.

  Regulatory challenges remain

  It is worth noting that due to the nWayPlay platform licensing restrictions and other issues, the ice dun dun series theme NFT does not support users in China to buy.

Dexnav | Winter Olympic ice pier pier NFT skyrocketed 1000 times

     NFT has made a big splash abroad, but due to its decentralized financial nature, it is difficult to regulate, and cases of theft through fake NFT websites, fake trading links and fake projects are even more common and difficult to monitor. This newspaper reported earlier this month that an NFT collector's collection was stolen within minutes, with losses exceeding $2.7 million (about 17.28 million yuan).

It can be seen that the regulation of NFT is necessary, and NFT in China has not yet very strict legal provisions and articles, so domestic investors can only get the income of the primary market for the time being. It is understood that the current domestic more mainstream NFT platform such as whale tan, phantom core, yuan vision, hole one yuan dian, etc. only support institutions or contract artists to issue digital collections, do not allow individuals to cast and trade NFT on their own.

  Since October last year, including the phantom core, ant grain and other platforms have completely deleted the word NFT, replaced by "digital collection". But on the other hand, all kinds of traditional Internet and consumer goods companies are actively joining the NFT field.

  CITIC SecuritiesThe study released points out that the technical characteristics of NFT make it a possible solution to the problem of digital assets, but many issues such as commercialization and subsequent development path are still unclear, and close attention needs to be paid to market uncertainty and policy regulation guidelines.

  Cinda Securities also believes that with the promotion and popularity of NFT applications, seeking an open secondary market while strengthening regulation to curb speculation is key to the further development of the domestic NFT industry.

  People's Daily has also published a commentary that the domestic legal nature of NFT, the transaction, supervision of the main body, supervision, etc. has not been clear, NFT speculation, money laundering and financial products and other risks, NFT investment should remain cautious attitude, be wary of "drumming" type of financial scams.

  The domestic NFT market has just begun to develop, whether the subsequent growth and where it will go, we will see.

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