Trend NFT stars of the "wealth code"?

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Trend NFT stars of the "wealth code"?


When NFT value can be strongly associated with fan stickiness and star business value, a "mutually beneficial business system" is formed.

180,000 USD to buy a JPG picture, ordinary people feel puzzled and curious, but the celebrities report very enthusiastic.

On December 31, 2021, Jay and Kun Ling debuted the Phanta Bear NFT image on Instagram and said it was the "first special gift" they received.

Four months ago on August 28, 2021, NBA basketball superstar Stephen Curry paid $180,000 for a Bored Ape Yacht Club (hereinafter referred to as "BAYC") NFT piece and replaced it with his Twitter avatar, and the NFT quickly came out of the circle.

In 2021, more and more entertainment and sports stars are entering the world of blockchain, and NFT is their first touch.

Jay Chou, James Lin, Luhan, Pan Wei Bai, Yu Wen Le, Xu Jing Lei, Chen Bo Lin and Wu Jian Hao ...... These stars have been recommending some NFT projects directly or indirectly through social media one after another.Some stars have also entered directly, participating in NFT investments or issuing their own NFTs, all of which have added fuel to the fire of the NFT market to some extent.

Why are celebrities keen on NFT projects? And what role do they play in it?

Star stand, leading to NFT hot sales

On January 1, 2022, the first day of the New Year, the Jay-Kunlin couple's Phanta Bear was sold publicly, with 3,000 sold in 5 minutes and 10,000 Phanta Bears sold out in 40 minutes, opening with $10 million in revenue, quickly putting the NFT avatar originatorCryptoPunksJustin Bieber's collection of inBetweenersOpensea was left behind, ranking third on the Opensea chart.

A time, Jay "endorsement" of the NFT artwork Phanta Bear, following CryptoPunks, Bored Ape, Pudgy Penguins, after the hottest NFT avatar of the moment.

Trend NFT stars of the "wealth code"?

(Phanta Bear ranks second in Opensea artwork section in terms of trading volume)

Perhaps because Phanta Bear has created too much heat in the crypto world, on January 3, JVR Music, a company co-founded by Jay Chou, issued a special statement to clarify the relationship between Phanta Bear and Jay Chou.

The statement said that Jay only received the "Phanta Bear" NFT gift from PHANTACi, and did not participate in any planning and operation of Phanta Bear, nor did he receive any revenue.

Since Phanta Bear is not the NFT launched by Jay Chou, why would Jay Chou stand for Phanta Bear?

According to "Chain New", Phanta Bear is produced by the hip brand PHANTACi in association with Ezek.Among them, the tide brand PHANTACi was founded in 2006 in Taipei by Jay Chou and his friend Liu Keng-Hong, Jay Chou invested 2 million NTD to take up more than half of the shares and was not responsible for the daily operation, while the parent company behind Ezek is none other than Starvision EntertainmentLtd.(S.E.L) created by Liu Keng-Hong, the founder of Ezek in the official website is also "Will L".

According to this understanding, the controlling party behind Phanta Bear is more likely to be Liu Keng Hong's team, Jay also said in a post on January 6: "Brother do anything to be the first, even if quite brothers, but in the meta-universe of Art world, the third I think it can be", this word expresses Jay's The "stand" is more of a promotional act of "using personal IP to help friends new business".

Driven by Jay Chou, Phanta Bear utilized the celebrity effect to great effect. After December 31, 2021, many stars such as JJ Lin, Mayday Shin, KJ Hsiu, and Kuan-Hsi Chen followed Jay Chou and changed their avatars on social media platforms to Phanta Bear NFT.

With the celebrity endorsement and wealth creation effect, there are over 5,000 Phanta Bear owners on the Opensea platform alone.

As of January 10, Phanta Bear traded at 12,700 piecesEther(about $40 million), and the floor price also increased from 0.26ETH(Offer) rose to 5.9 ETH, a gain of nearly 23 times, causing international media outlets such as CNN to scramble to cover it.

In addition to Jay Chou, the same follow the trend to create the station department stars are Xu Kai, Lu Han and so on.

On November 6, 2021, the famous domestic actor Xu Kai changed his Instagram avatar to a Space Bugs picture. This NFT project was designed and initiated by the top award-winning animation team in Hollywood, with 7 main properties and 180 features, a total of 3,333 NFT pieces, Xu Kai posted this NFT avatar on Instagram and said. "Love my new avatar, looking forward to my first NFT @Spacebugsnft."

In addition, Lu Han, a male pop singer and film actor from mainland China, also changed his Instagram avatar to an NFT piece named Kaiju Kingz on November 11, 2021.

American rapper Jay-Z, NBA President Daryl Morey, DJ duo Bassjackers, DJ 3lau and several other celebrities have come down to use NFT artwork as social media avatars.

Following the trend and rubbing the hotness, stars stand NFT, bringing a lot of attention and fresh traffic to the crypto market.

Hands-on, deep involvement in NFT investments 

In addition to the stand-up, the star is also personally down and deeply involved in NFT's investment.

On the night of August 14, 2021, director and actress Xu Jinglei changed her Instagram avatar to a 14-day-old NFT work called "Animetas", which attracted a lot of people's attention.

Using Xu Jinglei's NFT avatar to follow the map, we can check that this is one of the 10101 NFTs of Animetas with the number #6039, and then retrieve the Opensea purchase information of this NFT, we can know that Animetas#6039 belongs to the 0pensea account @StitevoiL, and some people speculate based on this that this might Some people speculated that this might be one of the 0pensea accounts held by Xu Jinglei herself, but it was not confirmed by Xu herself.

Chain New" checked the inventory of @StitevoiL account and found that the account has a total of over 495 NFTs.These include Bored Ape 1 (80 ETH bid in early August, about $260,000), Animetas (more than 50), Crazy Lizard Army (more than 50), LostSoulsSanctuary (more than 150), Monkeybrix (more than 80), FLUF World, Tom Sachs Rocket Factory, Derpy Birba, JunkyardDogs, Stoner cats and more than a dozen NFT projects, and the account is constantly buying and selling new NFT projects.

In terms of investment NFT preferences, the @StitevoiL holder's collection includes both old school NFTs like Bored Ape, up-and-comers like Animetas, and newer NFTs like LostSoulsSanctuary that have just launched, covering a wide range of topics and jumps. The @StitevoiL account alone is an investment account that has brought in over 200 ETH for its owner.

And similar to Xu Jinglei, the stars who entered the NFT field as investors and for the purpose of investment and value-added are John Lam and Yu Wenle.

On November 23, 2021, singer JJ Lin announced on Twitter that he holds threeDecentralandVirtual plots: Prime Gallery 1, Prime Gallery 2, NEAREST to GENESIS PLAZA, caused public opinion, but what many people do not know is that John Lin has a lot of investment in NFT.

On October 18, 2021, Lin tweeted that he had been given a Bored Ape Yacht Club piece from Huang Lixing (Brother Maji), saying "This is so cool!". On November 8, Lim spent 125 Ether to buy CryptoPunks No. #8601, and his Opensea account shows that he is also the owner of numerous other NFTs, such as Fat Ape, Snadbox plots, Space Kubz, Dark Horizon, AK Cyber Dolphin Star, Graycraft, Shark: Out of Control, etc.

Compared to Lin, Yu entered the world of encryption a little earlier.

On September 17, 2021, the internationally renowned auction house Christie's held an online auction special No Time Like Present, introducing NFT crypto art to the Asian auction scene for the first time, and it presented some NFTs from Yu's private collection, including rare CryptoPunk, Bored Ape Yacht Club and other NFTs.

CryptoPunk#9997 (HK$33.85 million), BAYC #8746 (HK$9.61 million), CryptoPunk#8191 (HK$8.89 million), Meebit#6337 ...... This auction shows that Yu Wenle has at least 51.45 million Hong Kong dollars in virtual assets. This also shows that Yu Wenle is more inclined to invest in some mature NFT projects, netizens commented that he "what fire to buy what".

Trend NFT stars of the "wealth code"?

(Yu Wenle part of the collection)

Based on the success of the investment in NFT, on January 14, Yu Wenle posted a picture of Frankenstein on social media and labeled it with the word ZOMBIE, along with a text that said "soon to launch NFT", netizens speculated that "this is intended to go further in the field of NFT? The netizens speculated, "Is this a further step in the NFT field?" .

NFT becomes the star's "price tag"?

Star IP itself is a virtual asset, and as a non-homogeneous token, NFT is indivisible and irreproducible, unique, and one of the best expressions of assets in the digital world. When star IP + NFT, it can produce a wonderful chemical reaction.

Jay Chou's music, Jinglei Xu's movies, Luhan's photos, Yu Wenle's hipster clothes, and Guo Jingming's words ...... All the external manifestations of a star can be cast and turned into a unique NFT, signed with its digital ownership and verifiability, and then marked up for sale.

Industry insiders analyze that, in a way, stars sell their IP assets in the form of NFT without loss of difference, and fans buy them on demand to get unique and exclusive celebrity assets, which not only creates a connection with their idols and satisfies their psychological needs, but also has a certain economic value.

Such a form is different from the traditional fan economy, from the fans' point of view, buying NFT with star IP belongs to a direct connection with the idol, which can meet higher psychological needs and thus increase stickiness; from the stars' point of view, the higher the stickiness of the fans, the better it is to enhance their own business value. When NFT value can be strongly associated with fan stickiness and star business value, a "mutually beneficial business system" is formed.

With this in mind, the stars began planning to be the "first to eat the crab".

On May 28, 2021, Austrian footballer Christian Fuchs announced a carbon-neutral NFT to celebrate his Leicester City career. The NFT will also include exclusive footage of Fuchs' iconic victory celebration, which was shot when Leicester won the Premier League title.

Trend NFT stars of the "wealth code"?

(Exclusive footage of Fuchs' iconic victory celebration)

On the same day, Italian footballer Gianluigi Buffon also announced that he will release his first NFT project on the NFT sports platform SportsIcon on June 20, 2021. The NFT will pay tribute to key moments in his career, with Buffon providing the narration.

On June 1, 2021, Vampire Diaries actor Ian Somerhalder posted that he will be working with TOAKU on a series of very cool NFT releases on BakerySwap and will show everyone what he is doing through NFT.

Domestic star Wu Jianhao chose to join hands with Numbers' NFT platform "Captureclub" to create a mosaic art NFT using pictures of netizens. users can submit their own photos on the website and participate in the art creation, and all proceeds from the sale will be donated to the Joy family to support their assistance to disabled children. Assistance, Wu Jianhao in more of a designer-like role, the entire planning artistic, charitable nature of the prominent, weakening the commercial flavor of it.

Previously, singer Ado, Chinese-born singer-songwriter Chen Huanren and movie star Chen Xiaochun had released their personal NFTs, but they did not stir up too many sparks.

The star himself came down to do NFT from the creative end, both as a designer and as an investor.Theoretically, as long as a star's persona does not flop, is hot and has high fan stickiness, his or her NFT releases will always have investment and collection value, which may even replace the number of Weibo fans as one of the best ways to measure a star's commercial cash value.

After all, the number of followers in social software such as microblogging does not directly show the economic strength of celebrity fans, while the NFT price and resale rate can "put a price" on the commercial value of stars.

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