Experiment: I let more than 60 group of friends rushed a clay dog, with detailed data on the process.

Experiment: I let more than 60 group of friends rushed a clay dog, with detailed data on the process.


The so-called dirt dog project is a large number of projects that have recently emerged on BSC or HECO without a product, without a website, without a white paper, except for a paragraph that looks quite similar to the oxymoronic text, nothing else. These air projects are the open-ended capital markets, out of fun and to earn some pocket money motivation, I experienced nearly 10, the general result is that 5 earned more than 2 times, 2 lost half, 3 to zero. Last Saturday there is a quite high-quality earth dog project opened at 9:00 p.m., I paid attention to the whole day was ready to rush a hand, and then suddenly thought why not let the fan group of friends together with a small amount of money to participate in an experiment to see how many people make a earth dog project in the end, how many people lose, how much can earn, and how much will lose? So there is this experiment and this article.

I would like to emphasize here that I would not recommend anyone to play the earth dog projectThe market, especially in the past few days, the market is depressed, the zoo lay down, the earth dog project side is more and more not to speak of wisdom, 3, 5 minutes to withdraw liquidity abound, in addition to individual art high people bold, the general public really has not suitable to play earth dog.

Because it was impromptu, the project began at 9:00 p.m., I was only at 8:00 p.m. in the group to send an announcement notice, the announcement reads as follows

This evening around 9:00 want to do an experiment to see a group of people rushing earth dog mine, the last few people make money a few people lose. Since this is an experiment, I don't want people to invest too much money, 20-200U range it. The name of the earth dog mine called Dfinity Dog (DFG), I pay attention to the whole day, 9 pm put the contract, feel concerned about a lot of people, pull a lot of groups, the overall color in the earth dog is okay, so take it to do experiments.

For those who participate, please follow my steps to the letter.

1、I will put out the contract address around 9:00 pm

2, everyone in Bsc's Pancake on the first time to exchange

3、Remember to set the slippage parameter to 20% or 30% or 40% (choose any one of the 3) before exchange, and choose the highest commission

4, as long as the failure to retry until success, or I call off

5、After successful exchange, pay attention to the coin price, as long as the price doubles, out of the principal

6、The remaining profit is free for everyone to handle

7、I will collect the questionnaire tomorrow

Finally, once again: this is not for everyone to rush the earth dog to make money, just want to help me do an experiment, so do not smash too much money, thank you!

The last 2 groups of 900 people, the number of participants was around 80, and 67 questionnaires were collected. I actually know that this experiment is very limited, mainly the following points.

1. insufficient sample data.

2, this earth dog project is my screened, the overall color is in the upper.

3. my groupmates are from Zhihu, the overall personal quality is on the upper side, while I also gave basic operational guidance.

Although there are limitations, this does not prevent us from observing some interesting phenomena through the experimental results.

Main Data

67 questionnaires, of which 20 people did not complete the purchase and 47 people completed the purchase. Of those who completed the purchase, a total of 10,149 U was invested, and the final overall profit/loss was +37,077 U. The overall profit was 365%, please note that this is the result achieved in almost 10 minutes.

Specific profit/loss ratio.

Experiment: I let more than 60 group of friends rushed a clay dog, with detailed data on the process.

25 people made money, accounting for 53.2%; 22 people lost money, accounting for 46.8.

11 people profit in more than 1000%, 14 people loss in more than 50%, forming a very typical polarization, making money to earn a lot of money, the loss of money to basically zero.

We focus in particular on 11 individuals with profits of 1000% or more.

These 11 individuals invested a total of 1,791 U, with an average investment of 160, the most being 300 U and the least 10 U. It can be seen that the amount invested was not much, which may have been a prerequisite for being able to buy early in the beginning.

In total, these 11 individuals earned38273UThe profit/loss ratio reached a staggering+2100%The top two earners were 200U earning 8800U (44x earnings) and 260U earning 9700U (37x earnings);

In addition to these 11 people other than the 37 people, a total loss of 1195U, so basically these 11 people of the sky cut the group, but of course cut to more than the group.

Let's take another look at the minute level K-chart of this earth dog project.

Experiment: I let more than 60 group of friends rushed a clay dog, with detailed data on the process.

The 13:00 on the chart is 9:00 pm Beijing time, this is actually a typical earth dog project K-line, 5 minutes before the official announcement, the contract is actually in effect, this is the project side's rush time, the project side has secretly built a good position within these 5 minutes; to the point after the announcement of the contract address, leeks began to brainless rush, you can see directly pull out several minute level big positive out, the coin price directly The next is the time to run fast, to see who can quickly jailbreak and not be buried; finally a secondary spread time, the first batch of leeks into the field, began to other channels to pass C broadcast X, 5-10 minutes later, the new leeks running into the battlefield, and then another round of run fast.

So the dirt dog project has become a game between the leek and the project side, leek and leek, the sooner you enter the better, this is not controversial, when out is a key. In the earliest days, generally a dog project can maintain a few days, then only a few hours, and then half an hour, and now most projects can only maintain a few minutes, or even just buy, the project side 3 minutes to withdraw liquidity, the project to zero. In this case, there is really no need to participate in the basic dog.


I also prepared other data such as age, gender, education, time of joining the coin circle and time of using DEX, but in the end, I found that none of these parameters had a significant impact on the final profit and loss, so I will not do further analysis.

This experiment is purely for fun, and overall you can see that a better-colored dirt dog project is likely to earn huge profits with the right operation, but at the same time the risk is extremely high. But I believe that this no-limit pure money game will soon disappear, because people who have fallen for it will not play it again, and you can't be faster than the project side that grabbed and ran.

Now the market has reached such a stage that the mainstream coins are down and the zoo is a mess, as for the dirt dog money plate just try to touch as little as possible. For the market, my central idea for the last month has been to adjust your position to the extent that you can hold it (deleverage, reduce positions, take long-term value coins), be prepared to cross the bull and bear, and finally give the answer to the market.

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