The 3 trends of earth dog pre-sale, find gold dog 100 times coins in practice

FlushDogeThe 3 positions of pre-sales, practical searchGolden DogHundredfold Coin(Collection)

I. Fundamentals


(1) according to the current statistics can be verified, a perfect project, usually not in the project opening within the first week before buying a station to build a good project is the need for time to polish. If even the official website does not have a project, basically do not need to consider, this direct Pass.
2. Telegraph / discord
(1) the total number of people / the number of people online telegraph zombie more, the number of people is not necessarily true, but there are high necessarily better. Normal community online number is 10% of the total number of people, an active community online number should be greater than 10%, more than 15% is better. If the number of people online is extremely low, then the zombie powder may be a lot, this need to be cautious.

(2) the number of active people / community heat, look at the group chat chat content, some are chatting a person a sentence, this hardly repeats, there is a high probability is a robot. Pay attention to the analysis of telegraph bots.

(3) Historical media data, an active community, there are many kinds of photos and videos inside, you can observe the atmosphere of the whole community from this place.

(4) Community-driven projects will bring some value-added space in the short term, chat also depends on whether it is rational analysis or full of chasing high, different ways of analysis also have different criteria for judging, need to combine with the actual then landing operation.
3. Twitter
(1) the earlier the registration time the better, need to pay attention to do the project after the temporary transfer of information, transfer of information may be the project side to buy the Twitter number temporary transfer of other own project.

(2) attention to the number of people, but the number of replies to comments is relatively small or zero, basically can be confirmed as a brush, the credibility is relatively low.

(3) the number of releases, usually a team serious in doing the project, will take Twitter as a location for their main release, so will also pay attention to the frequency of Twitter releases degree.

(4) release time, dirt dog projects do not spend too much time cycle in operations and maintenance, so most of their projects are recently released, to be in the release time cycle, the sooner the better.

(5) Retweet advertising, usually true in doing the project, will spend money to ask the media to help promote, but this item is not every team will do, if there is a plus.

(6) the number of comments preheating effect of good team will be done in the early number of community operations, so the number of comments will be relatively large.
4. Fundamental plus points
Discord, instagram, Reddit, Medium, Youtube, if a project has these or more, and operate well, this project is likely to be a relatively good project. In most cases, it's a lot safer, because this kind of multi-community media operation requires a lot of manpower, and if the project owner doesn't have confidence in the project/runs, he won't invest too much time and energy in the management of these telecoms. Although it is to find the earth dog, but also to avoid the risk of the case try to find high-quality earth dog.

Ⅱ.Second, the technical side

1. Check the contract

(1) check the contract open source, of course, open source also have brave, but not open source must not touch, you hard to touch can also be, do 90% of the psychological preparation. Open source and not open source is very simple, a code if it is normal is completely bold to everyone review,in most cases not open source contracts have the possibility of fraud.The 3 trends of earth dog pre-sale, find gold dog 100 times coins in practice

Check the contract key information, find the English at the beginning of cotract (this is generally in the middle of the contract, such as the code 1000 lines, it is about 500 lines or so),which has the name of the token abbreviation quantity..
ddress DEAD This place must be remembered Some contracts do not have this This each transaction hit the specified address part of the tokens If it is all the way 000 address, then it is really hit into the black hole, on behalf of this contract it is deflationary, real in the burning, continue to look down is the very core data,liquidityfee This is automatically added to the liquidity pool you sell tokens, of which 2% is automatically added to the pool. Buybackfee is a buyback fee of 3%, reflectionfee is a holder reward of 8%, markingfee is a marketing fee of 1%, and totalfee is a fee of 14% for purchases and sales.The 3 trends of earth dog pre-sale, find gold dog 100 times coins in practice

Ⅲ.Play Doge's experience

1. At present, there are three main hotter factions of the earth dog, one is the canine, a variety of doge; second is the ape, a variety of ape; third is the mini, a variety of mini, some time ago there are a variety of moon, this is the earth dog very distinctive features: a successful project will attract a large number of imitation plate, depending on who copies the book fried fast, dragon two dragon three dragon four big probability are making money, and then the back of the imitation plate began to run away. This is the current situation of the earth dog circle. 2. 1,000 earth dogs every day, only 10 speculative short term earth dogs; every 5,000 earth dogs to come out of the 5 can be long-held earth dogs. You only understand this truth you can go from the operation of the earth dog, those who ask every day whether there are earth dog friends is not suitable for playing earth dog. 3. The appearance of the golden dog is actually a time rule, most of the golden dog appears between 1-3 points, 8-10 points, a few in 21-22, do not ask me why, this is the sense of the plate, go to the summary of their own know. 4. Many people will ask me if this project is good? Generally are those projects that have risen more than ten times, because the spread of the project is the time needed to take over the plate is also the time needed, and so from the spread of foreign to domestic time, good project has basically gone up very high, that is, now they are looking for people to take over, this time the risk is very big. So I have no way to tell you whether it is good or not, this needs to be grasped by you. I share the way to find the earth dog, in fact, I hope you can find a good project, and then distinguish between the poorer projects, do not have to pick up the plate. If you really want to ask if some of the better projects can play, I will analyze from the liquidity of the pool to analyze from the address of large households, which is a little more advanced theory, a moment is not good to say.5. play dirt dog can not have faith, , ,the fundamental driving force of the project up is the community, , ,all the tell you to rise, the goal is how much is false, only free coins can have faith. Only free coins can get dead, get a hundred times ten thousand times, otherwise it can't be done. What do you mean by free coins, think for yourself, think not understand that I can not help.
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The 3 trends of earth dog pre-sale, find gold dog 100 times coins in practice
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